Monday, March 18, 2013

The Dove Dove Funny Homograph Riddles

If you are looking for a fun way to get students or your children to explore homographsThe Dove Dove: Funny Homograph Riddlesprovides an entertaining but educational look at homographs.

The books uses a riddle format to engage children in learning, but the riddles are challenging and clearly illustrate how homographs work. The author begins by defining homographs and explaining the format of the riddles to help draw children into the challenge. Unlike most of the other picture books I have reviewed this one is geared more for children who can read. While non-readers might get some benefit from reading along with a parent, children who can read and discuss this with a parent or teacher will get more from the experience.

The author begins with one and two syllable words focusing on vowel sounds. At the end of each of the sections he provides a pronounciation guide that explains how the riddles work. Chapter two focuses on the changing sound of s and how that creates homographs. Chapter 3 explains how where the accent is placed on syllables in words can also create homographs. Chapter 4 discusses how extra syllables that are added when word are pronounced create homographs. Chapter 5 gives to bonus challenging riddles that don't fit the previous rules. The end of the book provides a complete list of all the homographs used in the book

While done in the fun format of riddles, this is one of the most detailed lessons in homographs I have seen. I think it would be a great addition to an elementary lesson on the topic.

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  1. Thanks I'll have to check this out for my son. It looks like something he'd love.