Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Movie

I had a chance to borrow The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader from the library recently. I missed the movie when it was in the theaters, but wanted to continue watching the series.

For those looking for a book companion, this is not the movie. The movie condenses and changes the book to make a movie script that they felt would work. C.S. Lewis did not write for future screen adaptations. The books are not written with a focus on action and dialogue necessary for screen success.

I do think reading the book and watching the movie afterwards can be a good exercise for children. It is a great chance to discuss what is left out or changed in the movie. The discussion should ask children why they believe these choices were made. This is a way to encourage reading comprehension. You cannot understand what has been left out, changed, or added unless you remember what happened in the original book. Instead of punishing students as generations of English teachers have done by creating tests and papers that catch students who only watch the movie instead of reading the book, this can be a way to encourage students to do both.

There are rumors that Walden Media may be producing another Narnia film. I was surprised to read that they are considering skipping to The Magician's Nephew for their next film. This would leave the The Silver Chair and The Horse and His Boy unmade. This leaves me with hope that someone may finally make a movie version of The Last Battle, a movie I have always wanted to see.

I wish Walden Productions well in their efforts to continue production of the series. I do hope they complete the effort.

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