Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Frog Princess

The Frog Princess by E.D. Baker is the first book in a series that puts a twist on the old fairytale.

The story diverts from the original story when we learn Princess Emma comes from a magical line. Her family practices magic and this ultimately has an effect on Emma's future.

Emma is not thrilled with her prospects of marrying Prince Jorge. While out avoiding the prospect of marriage, Princess Emma meets a talking frog, Eadric. Following the traditional story, Eadric claims to be a prince in need of a kiss to restore himself to his true self. Emma thinks over his request, but eventually provides him with the traditional fairytale request. Here is where the story changes. Instead of turning Eadric into a prince, Emma finds herself turned into a frog.

Eadric helps Emma adjust and survive her life as a frog. They survive an experience with a less than qualified witch and travel back to Emma's castle. Their journey provides a sweet romantic tale.

I was able to get the first book on audio CD through my local library service. It may take me longer to get the second book, as I have to use the state library service to find it. It does not appear to be as widely circulated on CD.

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  1. It sounds like you have a fabulous lineup ahead.