Thursday, June 23, 2011


Starcross is the second book in the Larklight series. After recovering from the giant spiders and rescuing the British Empire, Myrtle, Art and their mother are enticed to go on vacation to Starcross a luxury hotel. As anyone who reads fantasy or science fiction knows, vacations are never peaceful for heroes in these novels.

Reeve did find an original villain. Who would suspect evil top hats? Mother and the children along with Jack are engaged in another adventure to save the Universe from danger.

Art matures a great deal in this book and carries the burden of telling the story. Myrtle's diaries are not a part of the tale as they were in Larklight. We learn more about Mother's history and abilities in Starcross. Jack and Myrtle's relationship continues to progress slowly with typical challenges and issues.

A younger relative will be receiving this series this summer to keep her entertained during down times during her visits. I will be interested to hear her thoughts on the books.

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