Friday, July 15, 2016

Zombies and Forces and Motion

I'm always looking for science book that can accurately explain concepts and entertain and engage students in learning concepts and vocabulary related to the topic. The younger members of my family are a bit zombie crazed at the moment so when I saw Zombies and Forces and Motion (Monster Science)I had to check it out and see if it was worth a review.

The book format is a short graphic novel. The author uses a zombie theme to explain Newton's Laws of Motion. If you aren't a fan of zombies, the theme will get old quick. However, for zombie fans, this book provides age appropriate scientific vocabulary definition of terms and plenty of zombie examples to help children start to develop an understanding of those laws.

As a child I found this material very dry and hard to process. Reading this as an adult, one example that stuck with me was the explanation of why your body moves in the opposite direction as a car turns. I remember being taught this and trying to wrap my mind around the science. This book however made it very clear even if I had to work through the zombies to get there.

This is a great resource for home or school. While not a huge zombie fan myself, the author did a great job of incorporating the zombies as teaching tools, not just adding them for entertainment.

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