Friday, July 8, 2016

The Way Eye See It Cyclops Tells All

Cyclops Tells All: The Way EYE See It (The Other Side of the Myth)is Nancy Loewn's attempt to give Polyphemus a chance to tell his side of his encounter with Odysseus.

The author begins with a summary of the original Greek myth. She then goes on to present the Cyclops version of the myth. In this version the author sticks with the traditional tale of how Odysseus meets Polyphemus. From there Polyphemus tries to justify his actions by explaining his twisted version of why he thought eating Odysseus' troops would make him human allowing him to achieve his dream of traveling the world. He seemed to have been influenced by a childhood nutrition lesson, you are what you eat. He wrongly assumes if he eats humans, he will become human.

Again sticking with the traditional tale, Odysseus attacks Polyphemus and he and the last of his men are able to escape.

This wasn't one of the strongest of this series. You are what you eat wasn't a great argument or justification. I would have gone with an unjustified attack on a one eyed creature who was just tending his sheep. Self-defense would have been more believable.

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