Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Berenstain Bears Under the Sea

I wasn't sure what to expect from The Berenstain Bears Under the Seawhen I saw the title. I've been familiar with the Berenstain Bears through several family members, but this title seemed like it was going in a slightly different direction for them.

I was correct. While they use a sub, not a bus, the premise is similar to the Magic School Bus series. While visiting the local aquarium the family is invited to take a trip on a submarine to see the creatures in their natural environment. The book shows readers what types of creatures are encountered as the Bears head to the bottom of the ocean. Along the path the professor educates the Bear family about the animals, what they eat, and where you find them.

I thought this was an great way to get fans of the Berenstain Bear series to engage with non-fiction material. There is another one recently published about a Dinosaur dig as well. I'm hoping they continue embedding non-fiction material in their fantasy series.

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