Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Frankly, I Never Wanted to Kiss Anybody! The Story of the Frog Prince

Frankly, I Never Wanted to Kiss Anybody!: The Story of the Frog Prince as Told by the Frog (The Other Side of the Story)is a funny retelling of the Frog Prince story told from the Frog's point of view.

In this version the Prince was not punished for being selfish or spoiled. Instead he was a star baseball player who is turned into a frog to prevent him from winning a baseball game. He doesn't mind life as a frog too much, but he does miss playing baseball. Eventually he decides he is willing to return to his old life, but finding a princess is a challenge.

Based on the baseball theme, you might have a hint where the ball part of the original tale might come in to the retold tale. The princess is also a baseball player, a pitcher and her lucky ball is lost in the well. As per the original tale she fails to live up to their agreement and the frog must go to court to enforce the contract. The couple finds a future in baseball together when the contract finally is enforced and the prince returns to his original form.

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