Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Problem Child

The Problem Child is the third book in the Sister's Grimm Series. The story continues with the girls believing that they have lost their Grandmother's dear friend Mr. Canis. The children are introduced to a new family member who has intimate knowledge of the challenges they face and helps Sabrina understand her own personal issues.

Puck's entertaining character disappears early in this book and he and Sabrina's relationship will need to await the future books for progress.

Prince Charming is facing a tough political campaign from the Queen of Hearts. His reign as mayor is at risk because of his reluctant support of the Grimms. The outcome of the race will have an impact on the future of Ferryport Landing.

The Grimms learn more about Red Riding Hood's twisted involvement in the Red Hand and there is more to the story than they believed.

Buckley introduces the sisters to more interesting characters during their adventures. Daphne learns the Little Mermaid is nothing like the movie. The Jabberwocky terrorizes the children as they struggle to find a weapon that can defeat it. Sabrina realizes the danger of crossing Baba Yaga.

While some series lose their appeal and strength as the series continues, Buckley has to balance mystery and humor in his Sisters Grimm novels. I have the Once Upon a Crime (The Sisters Grimm, Book 4) on reserve at the library. I am looking forward to continuing to review this series.

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