Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Secret Kingdom Chronicles of the Red King

Chronicles of the Red King: The Secret Kingdom is the first book in Jenny Nimmo's new series. This series is a prequel series to her successful Charlie Bone series.

For Charlie Bone readers the story finally begins to reveal the origins of the Red King. We are introduced to Prince Timoken and his sister Zobayda. We learn of a magical cloak bestowed on Timoken by a jinn made from the last moon spider. His sister is given a ring and both are provided with a potion that prevents them from aging until they choose to begin the process.

The children are forced to leave their kingdom and eventually, after many years are separated.

The story connects to the original Charlie Bone series as the King's history is presented as research done using the special gifts the decedents of the King possess. Readers begin to understand the connections the gifts have to the King and we are left hoping that this series will explain how the gifts were passed on to the current generation found in Nimmo's original series.

I had been looking forward to the release of this book and I was not disappointed with the direction it has taken. I look forward to the additional books in the series.

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