Monday, August 22, 2011

No Place for Magic

No Place for Magic is the fourth book in the Tales of the Frog Princess Series.

After reading the third book I was concerned that the series had resolved most of the conflicts established in The Frog Princess. This story introduces Eadric's family and the conflicts that arise because Eadric's family has issues with magic. When trolls take Eadric's younger brother Emma has mixed feelings about how to manage her magical gifts. She does not want to offend his family, but she also does not want to put Eadric at risk by not using magic.

While Eadric's father comes to accept magic after his younger son is saved, his mother continues to resist Emma's charm. Emma is worried when the parents move up the wedding date and faires from both kingdoms are invited. She fears that an offended fairy could bring a curse to one or both families.

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