Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You Wouldn't Want to be an American Colonist

You Wouldn't Want to Be an American Colonist!is the first book in this series I've read that was not written by Peter Cook. This book focuses on the Virginian settlements of Roanoke and Jamestown. While Cook provides the reader with an identity, Ms. Morley does not continue this tradition. However, she does provide readers with the interesting tidbits and travel tips I enjoyed from Cook's books in the series.

I haven't found many resources for young readers on the Virginian colonies. This book is accessible for young readers and will appeal to intermediate readers with the humor and cartoons.

I have decided that I will be purchasing this book along with You Wouldn't Want to Sail on the Mayflower!: A Trip That Took Entirely Too Long and You Wouldn't Want to Be at the Boston Tea Party!: Wharf Water Tea You'd Rather Not Drinkas gifts for a younger family member. I think these books will be great additions to the history library I have been building for the family.

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