Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Everafter War

The Sisters Grimm: Book Seven: The Everafter War takes a slightly different direction than the previous novels. Charming is determined to defeat the Red Hand's army and as the title states the book focuses on the war of the Everafters.

The previous novel ends with a cliffhanger. This novel picks up with the cliffhanger teasing readers with a revelation about the identity of the master only to hold off revealing the information until the very end.

While this book advances the plot of the series, the seriousness of the plot removes much of the humor found in the previous novels. The Everafters face losing one of their beloved characters close to the Grimms.

All is not easy for Sabrina and her parents. Her dream since the series began is to have her parents back. While her parents are back, they are not the parents she remembers and the children are not the children her parents left in New York. The conflicts only create more frustration for Sabrina with life in Ferryport landing.

I will admit to being surprised when the Master's identity was revealed. I had a different suspect in mind. It did create an interesting set up for The Sisters Grimm: Book Eight: The Inside Story. I am impressed that Buckley has managed to maintain the quality of the series over length of this series.

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  1. I haven't read any of this series yet, but I think I will give the first one a try. Thanks for pointing them out to me, Bailey!