Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Free Fun Fridays 2014 in Massachusetts

The Highland Street Foundation has announced their schedule for Free Fun Friday events. The program provides free entrance each Friday to different museums, zoos, theater, music events, and other attractions to residents and visitors in Massachusetts. You can find the list at their website here. The first Friday is June 27 and the final one is August 29th.

While admission is free, it is advisable to check to make sure there are no additional costs for any of the programs or offerings available at the venue you are visiting. At some venues, the free admission gives you complete access to all of the programs available at that site. At others even when paying admission there are additional costs depending on what you wish to do.

These events tend to be popular and thus attract large crowds. For those who plan on utilizing other pass or discount options, you may also want to be aware of these dates as you can expect there to be higher traffic on these dates. If you have other options, you may want to choose another date for your visit to find a less crowded venue. That being said, many of these venues do offer special programs on these dates to encourage people to face the crowds.

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