Friday, June 13, 2014

June Library Book Sales in Massachusetts

I love to hit the local library book sales. It is a great way to pick up a variety of reading materials at great prices. I decided I would start listing the local sales I find out about to help others who might be interested in visiting, too. It is a great way to save some money and support a great cause. I'm starting late for June, but will try to do better in July.

June 14

Ashland 10-2 Pricing and more details here.

Weston 10-4 Pricing and details here.

Woburn 10-6 Details here.

June 21

Framingham 10-3 Details here.

Franklin 9-4 Details here.

June 28

Carlisle 10:30-3 Details here.

I've only listed the public dates for the book sales. Some libraries offer special dates for Friends. Most allow you to join on those dates to have the advantage of getting a look at the books early. Some offer special bag deals as the sale winds down. It never hurts to ask about the schedule.

Also, check out your library not only to see if they have an upcoming sale, but also to see if they have an ongoing book sale. Our local library has ongoing sales in the adult and the children's library year round. There is a smaller selection, but still a chance to get a good book for a great price.

This is also a great place to donate some of those books you don't need. Check to see what books and media materials they accept. Some have restrictions, but donate what you can. The local libraries can use your support.

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