Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Brass Family On Parade

There are lots of way to bring music into kid's lives. People introduce children to music at home, through concerts, lessons, and lots of imaginitative methods. Tisha Shaskan has created a book series that introduces children to the language of musical instruments.

In Brass Family on Parade! (Musical Families) Trish Shaskan introduces readers to a cartoon brass family. Fifi the French Horn is the mother and her husband Max, a tuba, the father of the clan. The two sons Tiny, a trumpet, and Slim, a trombone finish off the family.

Fifi is the narrorator of the story and introduces the sounds each instrument makes and the method by which they are made. She discusses a little about the music that can be played with brass instruments and the a little of the place in history of brass instruments.

I am a firm believer in presenting information early to children in a format that is age appropriate. They may not remember it all, but when they are at a concert in the park, they see a neighbor or a friend carrying an instrument, or they hear music being played, many children will surprise you with what they remember from simple books such as this one.

So far the library has had many of her books. I want to see if they have more in this musical series.

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