Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Weekend to Visit Sturbridge Village's Christmas by Candlelight

We went the first weekend and it was an event that will be on our calendar for next year. You can read my blog posting for the event information here.

We arrived before it opened and tried to visit as many of the holiday themed events as we could. Each house had different historical holiday themed activities for adults and children to explore. Music and food were displayed. I now know what it means when they sing about chestnuts roasting on an open fire. I have even had the chance to taste them. I also finally learned what Marzipan looks like and how it is made.

The dinner at the Oliver Wright Tavern was very good and I thought reasonably priced considering what I have paid at other tourist destinations for "fast food." This was a very tasty complete meal and the prices were fair.

If you are going to make the visit, I would suggest dressing warmly for the weather and wearing comfortable shoes. The roads are dirt and lit by actual candle lit lanterns. There is a considerable amount of walking to do in order to see all the activities and venues that are offered.

I loved the nativity scene they created by combining multiple sets. I have never seen some of the sets they created there. Learning about Christmas traditions and listening to the music made for a great holiday event.

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