Monday, March 7, 2011

Dance on Broadway

Dance on Broadway was the first dance game I have had the chance to try out. The library has a great selection, but the waits to get one can be long. Just Dance is in transit, so I will likely have it next week to try out.

I am not planning to buy any of the dance games until I have the chance to try them out. I encourage others to do the same. I was not impressed with the reviews of this game, however I like Broadway tunes, was looking for a fun Wii workout game, and have limited experience with video games. My expectations are not as high as others seem to be for these games. In fact, my experience with workouts at home goes back to my Mom, my sister and I trying to decode first records and then cassette tapes with stick figure manuals that were supposed to demonstrate the moves one was to accomplish. When I think of the pretzels we created with our bodies it is a wonder no lasting damage was done. When the VCR workouts came out with a variety of styles of music, dance, and other options it was so amazing to see what the people were doing. It still did not mean we could do it, but we know could connect the words with the action we were supposed to perform. My favorites of these tapes were the dance ones. Many of these tapes were not high quality productions, so I state this as I review Dance on Broadway. I got used to working through the problems at a young age.

On the plus side, I did not have the struggles following the characters that others seem to complain about having. My problems were strictly my own lack of skill and grace in performing the moves. I say this after years of having worked through other exercise tapes. It takes me a while to learn a routine. The levels of difficulty were a plus. This provides an entry level and some room for growth in the program.

Do to the price value I suspect songs were chosen based on cost, not the best choices for the game style. I am a huge musical fan and loved the idea of a workout based on Broadway music. Having read the reviews, I knew the music selection, so I was not surprised. Other choices likely would have been cost efficient and been easier to fit into the style of the game.

I have other games to preview before making my choice to buy. However, this one may be on my list. It is generally listed around $20 and I suspect with coupons or sales might be found even cheaper. If it can get me motivated to do an extra workout, it may be worth the purchase.


  1. I have a dance game-but my neice borrowed it several months ago and I have never used it. LOL! It does a lot of good to have it and not use it.

  2. You've opened my eyes to a game I didn't even know existed. This is one of many good reasons to read blogs! Thanks for turning me on to something I'm not familiar with. ;-)

  3. I had no idea that libraries had games to borrow. Learn something new every day.