Monday, August 6, 2012

The Library Gingerbread Man

The Library Gingerbread Man is a cute retelling of the Gingerbread story designed to introduce children to the Dewey Decimal system.

Children familiar with the Gingerbread Man's story will quickly recognize his, "Run, run fast as you can" speech. However, Dotti Enderle has cleverly blended the old with the new to introduce characters the Gingerbread Man meets as he wanders through the Dewey decimal system and those he meets in the aisles urge him to return to his book before something dangerous happens.

Children who have heard the original story will recognize the Gingerbread Man's enemy. However, the author adds a clever twist in line with the books theme. The librarian rescues him getting him safely back into his book and reshelved according to his Dewey number.
This is a great way to introduce children to the Dewey system. I must confess mine was a bit rusty and I had to check on a few numbers as I was reading the story.

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