Monday, September 26, 2011

Wright on Time Arizona

I read about the Wright on Time, Book 1: Arizona on a homeschool blog and wanted to check it out for a family member that homeschools. The Kane Chronicles is the only other children's series I have come across recently that mentions homeschooled children and it is a more advanced series. This series is an early chapter book series that focuses on a family that travels across the country in an RV.

The first story finds the children in Arizona exploring caves. The author provides a vocabulary rich exploration of rocks and minerals while the children are visiting a vacation site their father intends to write an article on after their visit. The cave owner provides visitors with the opportunity to hunt in salted areas that will have items to discover and to do explorations in designated areas to see what they can locate. During one such exploration, the children discover something that the author promises will return as a thread in the second novel.

Do to the fact the books have not been picked up by Scholastic or one of the other large publishing houses, the book prices are not inexpensive for paperback early reader novels. I am going to see if I can find the second one at the library before purchasing the set to see if the thread continues in an interesting way. I find the characters interesting and the idea of homeschooling characters appealing for the audience I intend to purchase these books for as gifts. However, the plots will determine if the children will read the books, no matter how much they may want to read about other homeschoolers.

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