Friday, July 20, 2012

Canobie Lake Park 2012 AAA Discount

See the updated 2014 AAA and other Canobie Lake discounts on my blog here.

AAA has finally posted their Canobie Lake Park discount for the 2012 year. You can see the details here.

As with Six Flags you must buy your tickets from AAA in advance to get the discount, either online or at one of their branches, it does not apply at the gates. The discount only applies to adult tickets. There does not appear to be a discount for the children's tickets.

According to the park's website, current adult 2012 ticket prices for Canobie Lake are $33. For those over 60 years old or under 48" the price is $24. Those who enter after 5PM pay $23. Children under 3 can enter the park for free. Parking is still free.

With the AAA discount, adult tickets are $28. While you can buy children's tickets with your adult tickets through AAA there is no additional discount.

Canobie lists places that have coupons for discount admissions here. For those who sign up for Canobie's email here, there are additional discount and special event offers available.

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