Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I had not read James Howe's books in some time, but decided to pick them up at the library to review for my blog. The story of Bunnicula is told by a dog named Harold. Harold and Chester the cat are surprised when the family adopts a bunny they found at the movie theater. Based on the title of the film, Dracula the bunny is named Bunnicula.

Chester is a literate cat and become suspicious of Bunnicula's schedule of sleeping during the day and being up at night. When vegetables start turning white as if drained of all their juice, Chester suspects Bunnicula might not be a normal bunny.

Harold thinks Chester is taking things too far and sets out to get help for Bunnicula.

The animal storytellers are wonderful in this story. While Bunnicula never speaks in this story, his story is fun. This story is a great way to engage readers in chapter books and because there are multiple books in the series, it encourages kids to keep reading.

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